STC E - 2013 Annual Report

The Scientific Technical Committee (Electro-Physical & Chemical Processes) STC “E” held two meetings in 2013: Paris, France, January 25 and Copenhagen, Denmark, August 23. The meetings were chaired by STC “E” Chairman Prof. B. Lauwers.

The scientific/technical presentations and discussions at the Paris meeting included “A Fracture Mechanics Based Approach to Understanding Mechanical Property Development in Laser Sintered Polyamide” (D. Bourell), “Extraction of Metals from Fly Ash of Thermal Power Plant” (U. U. Jadhav, H. Hocheng), “Laser assisted bending of high-resistance steel sheets” (A. Fortunato, A. Ascari, L. Orazi, G.Tani), “The Two Distinct Regimes of Pulsed Laser Micro Polishing” (F. Pfefferkorn, Neil A. Duffie, Xiaochun Li, Madhu Vadali, Chao Ma), "Optimal Scanning Speed of Electrode Planetary Movement in Micro Hole Drilling by EDM" (Z. Yu, X. Guo, Z. Lv, J. Li), “Metal droplet detachment regimes in ring cross-section laser beam droplet generation” (E. Govekar).

During the August meeting (Copenhagen), the following presentations were given and discussed: "Analysis of surface profile generated by micro USM" (Z. Yu), "Laser narrow gap welding of thick section materials - residual stress and mechanical properties " (L. Li), “European initiative: STEEP - A Synergetic research Training Network on Energy beam Processing: from Modelling to Industrial Applications” (D. Axinte, M. C. Kong, A. Rabani), “Extraction of Harmful and Valuable Metals from Electronic Solders” (H. Hocheng, U. Jadhav, T.L. Hong), “Methods for Increasing and Assuring Part Quality in Laser Based Additive Manufacturing” (J. Schilp), “Rapid manufacturing of highly wear resistant hard metal tools” (F. Vollertsen, H. Köhler), "DIPLAT – laser shaping of tools in diamond" (K. Wegener, D. Axinte, Ch. Walter, P. Butler-Smith)

During the Paris and Copenhagen meeting, the progress on the given and up-coming keynote papers were discussed: keynote 2013 “Modelling of ECM and EDM Processes” (S. Hinduja, M. Kunieda), keynote 2014: “Turbo machinery component manufacture – Application of chemical, electrical, physical and photonic processes” (F. Klocke, A. Klink, D. Veselovac, M. Schmidt, G. Levy, D. Aspinwall, J. Schilp, S.L. Soo), keynote 2015 (proposal) “Laser processing using ultrashort laser pulses” (K. Wegener, L. Overmeyer, A. Malshe, A. Chandra, M. Schmidt and B. Huis in‘t Veld).

During the Paris meeting, the involvement of CMAG members has been discussed as well as the CIRP track structure (for input for the liaison committee). During both meetings, the progress (and completion) on the organization of ISEM XVII (to be held in Leuven, April 2013) was given by Prof. Lauwers.

During the STC E paper session at the GA in Copenhagen, 15 papers were presented followed by discussions (questions and answers). All 15 papers were included in Vol. 1 of the CIRP Annals. Paper contents were related to the following fields: EDM (3), EDM/ECM (1), ECM (2), Laser/Chemical (1), Laser (5), Laser/welding (1), laser in rapid manufacturing (1) and Rapid prototyping (RPT) (1). The keynote paper “Modeling of ECM and EDM Processes”, presented by S. Hinduja and M. Kunieda was given during the internal STC E paper session.

During the Copenhagen meeting, a new STC E board has been elected. The following persons were elected for the coming three years: chairman: Ajay Malshe, vice-Chairman: Paulo Bartolo and secretary: Michael Schmidt

Bert Lauwers - STC E Chairman