STC E - 2012 Annual Report

The Scientific Technical Committee (Electro-Physical & Chemical Processes) STC “E” held two meetings in 2012: Paris, France, January 27 and Hong Kong, China, August 24. The meetings were chaired by STC “E” Chairman Prof. B. Lauwers.

The scientific/technical presentations and discussions at the Paris meeting included “Sputtered strain gauges with integrated force measurement and contactless communication” (L. Overmeyer), “Characterization of the effects of laser ablation on diamond for the generation of micro-features in tooling” (P. Butler-Smith, D. Axinte), “Metal Reclaim from Battery Waste by Biological Means” (H. Hocheng), “Effect of process parameters on the shape of single CoCrMo tracks deposited by selective laser melting” (J. Ciurana, L. Hernández, J. Delgado), “Dynamic mechanical properties of AM-manufactured stainless steel materials” (A.B. Spierings), "John Deere: Growing Global manufacturing Competencies" (G. Baker) and “Multiphysics Modeling of EDM with Spatial and Temporal Gaussian Distributed Heat Flux via User Subroutine” (Y.B. Guo, A. Klink, F. Klocke).            

During the August meeting (Hong Kong), the following presentations were given and discussed: "Ultrasonic Machining for Biomanufacturing" (A.P. Malshe, Ahluwalia), "Electroforming: from Rocket Engines to Nanotweezers" (P.T. Tang), “Removal Characteristics of Dental Tissue with Er:YAG Laser Irradiation (Effect of Laser Cavitation on Cavity Preparation)” (T. Furumoto, T. Ueda), “Characteristics of Micromachining on Transparent Materials by Femtosecond Laser” (S.-W. Luo, H.-Y. Tsai), “Laser micromanufacturing on free form surfaces” (L. Orazi, G. Cuccolini, A. Fortunato), “Observation of EDM Gap Phenomena using Transparent electrodes” (M. Kunieda, T. Kitamura), "Development of a wire-EDM manufacturing system for critical aerospace components" (R. Perez, M. Boccadoro) and "Lasers in production” (introductory session of the CWG on lasers in production) (Bert Huis in ‘t Veld, Michael Schmidt).

During the Paris and Hong Kong meeting, the progress on the given and up-coming key-note papers were discussed: keynote 2012: “Biomedical Production of Implants by Additive Electro-chemical and Physical Processes (P. Bartolo), keynote 2013: “Modelling of Electrical Machining Processes” (S. Hinduja, M. Kunieda). In addition, proposals for further keynotes were discussed: for 2014 “EDM and ECM processes for turbine engine manufacture” (Klocke, Klink) and 2015/2016 “Machining of ceramic components by chemical and physical processes” (Lauwers).

Finally, an update on the progress on the organization of ISEM XVII (to be held in Leuven, April 2013) was given by Prof. Lauwers and issues related to CIRPEDIA were discussed (L. Overmeyer, A. Klink). It was also proposed (and finally approved by the liaison committee) that ISEM conferences will be come CIRP conferences and starting with the 17th CIRP Conference On Electro Physical And Chemical Machining (ISEM).

During the STC E paper session at the GA in Hong Kong, 12 papers were presented followed by discussions (questions and answers). All 12 papers were included in Vol. 1 of the CIRP Annals. Paper contents were related to the following fields: EDM (2), EDM/ECM (1), ECM (2), Laser (2), RPT/Laser (2), RPT/RPM (2) and USM(1). The keynote paper “Biomedical Production of Implants by Additive Electro-chemical and Physical Processes” (presented by P. Bartolo) was given during the public paper session.