CIRP Conferences publish their proceedings on Procedia-CIRP, a website from Elsevier / ScienceDirect, where you can read the proceedings online in Open Access.

Organizers can find the whole procedure to get sponsored by CIRP on the page "Sponsorships of Conferences" (Internal Regulations App.11). Moreover, CIRP Members can find the conditions to publish on Procedia-CIRP in their Dashboard.

Organizers of CIRP Conferences should contact directly the CIRP Office to be informed on how to publish their proceedings on Procedia-CIRP.

Sponsored Conferences cannot publish their proceedings on Procedia-CIRP, but if you wish, Elsevier now provides a site for Conferences Proceedings in Open Access: SSRN  (not Scopus indexed yet). Please find more information and contact person.

The past proceedings for CIRP Conferences or Sponsored Conferences are directly available at the local Organizing Committees where the conferences have been held - please refer to our 'CIRP Past Conferences' or 'CIRP Past Sponsored Conferences' categories, through the button EVENTS.