STC E - 2014 Annual report

The Scientific Technical Committee (Electro-Physical & Chemical Processes) STC E held two meetings in 2014: Paris, France, January 24 and Nantes, France, August 29. The meetings were chaired by STC E chairman Prof. A.P. Malshe.

The scientific/technical presentations and discussions at the Paris meeting included “Surface Patterning via Membrane Mediated Electric Field Induced Ion Transport” (A. Chandra, A. Semichaevsky, H. Johnson, K.-H. Low, A. Bastawros), “Observation of ECM Gap Phenomena through Transparent Electrode” (W. Zhang, T. Kitamura, M. Kunieda, K. Abe), “The development of Cold Spray as mask-free technology for the manufacturing of coatings” (R. Lupoi), “New laser applications in lithium ion battery manufacturing” (A. Lutey, L. Orazi, A. Fortunato), “Temperature Modeling for Selective Laser Melting of Ti-6Al-4V Titanium Alloy” (T. Özel), “Fabrication and characterization of Ti-6Al-4V Sheet metal – Additive Hybrid” (B. Ahuja, M. Schmidt) and “A novel approach to extrusion based 3D printing” (H. Valkenaers, E. Ferraris, J.-P. Kruth, B. Lauwers).

During the August meeting (Nantes), the following presentations were given and discussed: “Finite Element Simulation of Random Electrical Discharge Machining” (J.F. Liu, Y.B. Guo), “New Material Preparations for Functional Graded Components in Additive Manufacturing (A. Clare), “Application of holographic laser beam shaping in laser material processing” (M. Schmidt), “Additive Manufacturing of custom orthoses” (A. Shih), “Application of functional nano-patterning to complex 3D micro mould inserts for polymer medical micro implants (G. Bissacco, P.T. Tang, F. Biondani, C. Ravn, H. N. Hansen), “Micro-CT of additive manufactured parts” (W. W. Wits, S. Carmignato) and “Surface Prediction Model for Thermocapillary Regime Pulsed Laser Polishing” (F. Pfefferkorn, N. Duffie, Q. Wang, J. Morrow).

During the Paris and Nantes meetings, the progress of the given and up-coming keynote papers were discussed: Keynote 2014 “Turbomachinery component manufacture by application of electrochemical, electro-physical & photonic processes” (F. Klocke, A. Klink, D. Veselovac, D. Aspinwall, S.L. Soo, M. Schmidt, J. Schilp, G. Levy, J.-P. Kruth), Keynote 2015 “Additive micro manufacturing using ultra short laser pulses” (K. Wegener, L. Overmeyer, A. Malshe, A. Chandra, M. Schmidt, B. Huis in‘t Veld), Keynote 2016 “Machining of engineering ceramics by electro physical processes” (E. Ferraris, B. Lauwers, J.-P. Kruth) and Keynote 2017 “Functionally Graded Components by Additive Manufacturing” (Y.B. Guo, D. Bourell, M. Leu, L. Li, P. Bartolo, J.P. Kruth, A. Clare).

During the STC E meeting and the following liaison committee meeting in Nantes, it has been agreed that the STC E contributes in a leading manner to a cross-STC keynote paper in 2017. The tentative title of this paper is “Additive Manufacturing in industry and science – possibilities and challenges” (M. Schmidt, B. Huis in’t Veld, M. Merklein).

During the Paris meeting the Mission Statement of the STC E was modified to broaden the scope of the STC to additive and hybrid processes as well as biomanufacturing techniques.

During both meetings, the progress update on the organization of ISEM XVIII (to be held in Tokyo, April 2016) was given.

During the STC E paper session at the GA in Nantes, 10 scientific papers were presented followed by discussions (questions and answers). All 10 papers are included in Vol. 1 of the CIRP Annals. Paper contents were related to the following fields: Laser Beam Machining (4), EDM (3), Biomanufacturing (2) and Lasers in Additive Manufacturing (1). The keynote paper “Turbomachinery component manufacture by application of electrochemical, electro-physical & photonic processes” was presented by A. Klink during the internal STC E paper session. Additionally, the cross-STC keynote paper “Hybrid Processes in Manufacturing” (B. Lauwers, F. Klocke, A. Klink, A.E. Tekkaya, R. Neugebauer, D. Mcintosh) with contributions from STC E members was presented.

STC-E officers: Profs. A. Malshe (Chairman), P. Bartolo (Vice-chairman) and M. Schmidt (Secretary)

Report draft prepared by Prof. Michael SCHMIDT (CIRP STC E Secretary)